Indiabulls - Pathetic to say the least

Nilesh is right... Infact, I opened the a/c in the month of May this year & face similar problems like what Sunit has faced, Indiabulls really do suck, also the RM dedicated to me took off 3 weeks after I opened the a/c with no information on whom to contact, a few days back, when I tried calling their number to sell a few of my shares, nobody picks up the call, I was said that they previously had 2 traders & now since 1 of them have left, they are facing these problems, when asked when will they have a new one, I was informed that not for a few months as they do not have so many customers at the moment.. This is completely disgusting as if they do not have sufficient customers, then why are their phone lines busy..
Moreover, just to let you know, they do not allow you to buy scrips of some B2 & Z category shares!!!
I think what they must hae meant was they have only 1 dealer and it would be difficult to operate with only one dealer on the job. That shoud explain the busy phone line.
I have different experience with Indiabulls. After having opened account in Feb 2007, I used to get calls from IB Relationship Manager with Buy/Sell List of various stocks & how market will pan out that day. But I have found hardly few calls getting profitable. In the first one month I lost money with their calls. After that I asked RM not to call me for giving details of which share to buy & which one to sell. The fact of the matter is that even if a client lose money broker will still make money. My question to Indiabulls is what is the point of recruiting people with shalow knowledge of stock market. Their only aim is to convince customer to trade - whether profitable or not.
I think their RM,s give calls on what their research dept.;) dishes out.

Get responsible guys , its your money , kindly do your own research.
Hi all,

My experence with Indiabulls is also awesome.

I have changed two RM in 3 months and still not satisfied.

My first RM had made me huge loss and now I am repenting. I was unaware of F&O and its strategies and inspite of explaining all the situations, he insisted to do the F&O.I suffered alot friends.

I am very much disappointed as I have to loose my hard earned money.

Their calls are not accurate.friends, can u suggest any good site providing good recommendations. I didn't want pay a single penny to anyone now.I am planning to recover by doing small Intraday and make some profits so as to get back those shares which I have lost.

Friends, please help me out and suggest any good site.



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