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*/ for novice/ new investors only */

lot of investors find many experts talking about index investing but very few talk about, New Investors who do not want to do research or those with very little time to do research can use my technique of investing. I have posted the technique in my blog . I have given a lot of thought before sharing because unlike buying shares where divulging a technique or share leads to direct competition to get those shares. This technique does not cause competition to me, hence I have referred this technique. any comments are welcome
I know that this is not the right fourm to ask MF question but i hope some one here will help me.

regarding uti us2002, i have come to know that this scheme also closed and units are converted in uti balance fund.

I had contacted you uti office on nov 2007 and they have informed me that nav of converted us2002 is Rs, 25.90 per unit.

please inform me detail of us2002 scheme and latest nav of the same.

My confusion is that on 30.10.2007 nav was 25.90 whereas uti balance fund nav on same date was 72.85.

please guide me in this matte. I have written mails to uti but could not get the proper reply.

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