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To all respected Gurus,

After two years of 'gambling' in stock market with net loss (Luckily enough, my investment was less and it was an act of testing the waters ), I have lately realized the mistake of not learning before earning. I have controlled my emotions and am not greedy

I am seeking answers for the following questions:

1. How to do EOD analysis to get the list of stocks to trade for the next session?
2. Need a few successful setups that worked, so that I can choose (w/o reinventing the wheel) the one that might work for me as well.
3. How to identify the entry / exit points before taking the trade?
4. How to identify signals to exit ?
5. I see lot of predictions giving the target and it is achieved. How I can do that analysis on my own? Who can teach me this?

All examples in available training videos show after the event happened and it looks like I have understood but at the trading station, it becomes blank :(

I hope, I'll get answers from your experience.

Thanks in advance
Hi @Stoodent , you are at right place, very first thing to understand is on what time frames you want to trade, depending on that choose your style, whether positional, swing or long term trader. For short term investments keep your strong hold in technical analysis and for long term investments you should know past performance of the company's BS with extended time frames on charts say 5 years for technical analysis too.
A common method to analyze a stock is studying its price-to-earnings ratio. You calculate the P/E ratio by dividing the stock’s market value per share by its earnings per share. Stocks with lower P/E ratios are considered good for investment.
Hi @Stocki

Thank you very much for your words. I'm more on a short term - intraday and swing trader. What is your time frame? Can you share the setup for Intra day and Swing. I'm using RSI (14) VWAP, and MA(20). I had posted a few questions. It would be nice if you could answer whatever is possible from your side.

@Stoodent! For entry/exit points, I would advice that keep the charts on 3 or 5 min time frames. Then find accurate support and resistance levels that help you to tell when to enter or exit the trade. Along with this see for the candlesticks pattern that indicates the trend reversals. And please keep in mind always trade with stop losses. An accurate SnR level will help you to mark good SL zone.
It’s true that learning is the most important thing that you must spend enough time on, before you start risking your money in the market.
You must keep in mind to exit the trade when you have reached your profitability target after it has reached a stop loss or a take profit level.
You can also exit if the reasons why you entered a trade change. It is all about the trading strategy you are following.
Hello there. To identify your right time to enter and exit the market, you need to do some analysis in different time frames.
The type of trading method like scalping, long term trading are also going to affect your trading style.
Start with some basic planning for trading and do some analysis in different time frames. This will help you get the overall picture about your trading and help you identify the risks associated.

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