IL&FS Transprtation Network - IPO

IL&FS Transportation Network - IPO

Allotment Expected:

Retail is 4.56 times

Appl 25 to 100 shares : may get 25 shares by Lottery
125 to 375 shares - divide your appl quantity by 4.56 to know Firm allotment quantity + few extra shares

Listing Expected:

Overall : 33 times
QIB : 52 times
NIB : 39 times

seeing the overall subscription Listing may be expected around 280
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Have applied 50 shares lets see ..i am positive about this share if it gets listed good ill sell Andhra sugar from my portfolio to nullify capital gain and capital loss


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Have been alloted 25 shares

6450 amount deducted from account have applied via asba route at cut of price 258...hope it open very positive so that i can nullify my capital loss of andhra sugars wit it
Hi GoodBrother!

How r u doing sir??? it has been a long time since i last visited this site...

i have been alloted 37 shares of ITNL. do u still stick with ur view of listing around 280???

also, i have 1 lot of United Bank with me, any views on tht???

many thanks,

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