Ignore signal with same symbol amibroker

Hello Experts,

I am using amibroker to find stock scanning.
Stuck up with the below mentioned.

Say, in my scanner both " ACC " and : ACC Future " gives BUY signal at 09:30 am and 09:45 am respectively.

My moto is that to generate Buy signal for "ACC" since it generate 1st not "ACC Future" through AFL.

I tried with " CashSymbol = StrTrim(StrReplace(Name(),"-1",""),"",2); " and Name () function NOT Equality, but did not succeed.

Can I get some help in this.




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//my database -F1 = future so.........
Cash_Symbol = !StrFind( Name(), "-F1" );
Buy = Your_Buy_Condition AND Cash_Symbol;

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