if trader and demat acc bank is not near, then will i face any problem

well known trader like sharekhan and angel are not near to me what should i do ,should i go for them or try near one like ,idbi or sbi


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My friend,
Broker is not our friend or philosopher who should be in our city.
Open your account with anyone who is providing good service.
For cheapest brokerage and no tips, no research - Use RK Global. It's best.
For ok brokerage, good trading terminal - Indiabulls, Sharekhan
For little costly brokerage, good reports, good terminal - Motilal Oswal, India infoline, Kotak etc.
For easy to operate, best 3 in1, as investor, highest brokerage, ok tips and reserach report - ICICI Direct.

It does not matter where broker is. I live in Pune, I have account with RK global, their support is from Kolkatta, terminal issues support from Delhi but every thing works great. I have account with Angel, office is next lane and I need to catch them for all non sense issues. My exp, bigger the broker lower the service for AAM investor.

Choice is yours.

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