I am new here and need some help

Hi friends and senior members,

I am Neha and just completed my B.COM.

I wanted to learn Tally and so i joined a local institure near to my place in Kolkata.

The problem is that what they teach is too less compared to what i think what one should know about tally.

BUT neither they provide tally software for home use nor any book.

CAN anyone say me plz where i can get a very good book on tally and its name and price. I want a very very descriptive latest book.

Also is software of tally included in any book or else where can we get it.

Bcz even though i have my pc at home, i cannot practice as our institude does not give us tally software.

I am thankful to allow me to post in this forum.

I dont know whether i am supposed to write my email here or not.

My email address: nehakapoorjewel rediffmail com
My yahoo mess id: neha_kapoor_jewel

I would be really grateful if any senior members can guide me in right direction.

Thank U.

Neha Kapoor
Well Tally is something u learn about more as u work more on it. Book knowledge will lead you not far.
May be you can join some other good institute; otr take a job which requires working on Tally (specially in a manufacturing concern)
hi sidstarji,

thanks so much for ur valuable advice.

Also would appreciate if any other senior member here (everyone here is so knowledgeable) would reply to my first post.

thanks and warm regards,

neha kapoor
respected traderji,

yes I have checked the thread mentioned by you (thanks for reminding me though)

actually i want to learn now myself at home.

anyways seems i am in wrong forum.


thanks for still replying.

neha kapoor

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