Hyderabad Industries n scandent solutions ?

Hi All

Scandent saw a huge fall from opening price on tuesday.
hyderabad tried 620.. back to 575..

any views u hv on the stocks?
r they good buys?


Scandent Solutions has lost considerably over the last 2 days, a drop of nearly Rs 100, if I am not wrong.

High risk traders may buy the counter at CMP 243.
Chances of the stock falling to 220-225 level.

On the upside, it can have a considerable levels. Keep your SLs...infact I bought it today at a fair high price of 275.

Thanks and Regards
sustained underperformance seems to be the norm for scandent.

i was hoping to exit on announcement of the merger and then i was hoping to exit on approval of shareholders and creditors...but the merger news has NO impact at all.

the internal brickering seems to have taken center stage.

can anyone say one reason why to buy this stock?
latest....the market is tipped with some major buy happening...

the third largest insurance BPO in USA, second largest third party BPO, first with real time escrow for claim processing, etc...but non core issues depressed the stock...with the issues being fully resolved, one way trip on this stock now....buy
scandent merger approved by lenders, creditors and shareholders. the full valuation of the company (with strong international and especially US presence) can be expected soon...time to accumulate..

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