How to scan for a stock for intraday trading?

Hello all,

Of what I have read in the past few days one needs to see how the index (Sensex / Nifty) is performing and then look for sector which is performing either positive or negative and find the top positive or negative stock of that sector and trade on that.

My question is how does one find... Nifty got fifty stocks Sensex 100 and also over the period of daytime the gainers / losers tend to change patterns overtime albeit instantly in the past few days. Got to know of chartink but majority of the screener i could find was of ORB or volume shockers or RSI MACD

How is it that pro trader view from the list of 150 which ones to trade and I believe they must be shortlisting only 4-5- maybe 10 stocks at most to keep on their radar. As being a novice it is hard to view so many of a charts at one go..

Also seeing a daily chart EOD and looking at a 5min intraday live chart seems to be a lot of difference... What all one plans on the day charts gets away when one enters a live trade and the hearbeat pumps alongwith the tick and with more speed when the candle tries to reach for the SL in place...

Seniors plz guide on how to shortlist stocks....

Of what I have seen of numerous videos saying to watch for gainers or losers section in nseindia site, is this the way everyone works???


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