how to install mt4 trading platform in apple macbook pro ?


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hii guys,
i have tried to istall mt4 in my apple mac pro.. but unfortunately i cant make it.. can any body guide me how to do install this ??


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If you don't want to use wine, the option is to use a free VM like virtualBox from oracle and then install windows on it. you can get VirtualBox from here -
VirtualBox will need a windows installation CD for one time but is as good as running windows. While Wine doesn't require a windows copy it is considered a little unstable.
There is no mac version of MT yet
You can use MT4 on Mac, you need to download Wine or Wineskin , they are both free programs that allow you to run MT4 on Mac by creating a bubble around MT4 windows application and makes it look like a native OSX application bundle and switching between windows (say, trading terminal and MetaEditor) is no different than any other OSX application.

So go google search for either "MT4 Wine" or "MT4 WineSkin" and read further..
There are some brokers providing MT4 for Mac such as Alpari, Admiral markets, xm, roboforex, etc...Just go ahead with those websites.Some brokers are providing free open source software which will be more useful.Mt4 is a best Forex trading platform which is so easier for my trading with Greenvault FX .

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