How to import EOD in FCharts

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I wanted to know that is it possible that Fcharts automatically scans the stock and gives the list of stocks that gives buy/sell signal according to my strategy or i have to scan manually for each stock
Thanks feelmeknee,
sorry to ask same question but i am going to buy Fcharts Pro so just to CONFIRM that it will provide list of stocks giving buy/sell signal as per my strategy.
Hi Venkatesh,

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For test purpose try to attache test.txt file

OK... Venkatesh, Please follow below step

1) Bottom of reply window... Go to Advance
2) In advance you will see attach option...(Clip)

I hope this helps... Please alos attach Excel file for getting RT data update.

Hii Friends!

I just all my EOD data as my system crashed also lost FC (but downloaded FC & DE utility )
Now Ive downloaded DE utility but at the time of downloading it says '' File does Not exist''

Pl;ease help me

I need to download data of Minimum 1year

Please Help me

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Hi Tintin,

I am trying to follow the method you mentioned below for Fchart, But it is giving me an error. Error is "Import failed"

Please Please Help me.
Thank you very much for your help.

The simplest way of downloading is the following:
1. Click on the "Import/export" button.
2. In the new window go to the "download" tab and select Market suffix as .ns (for NSE data) or .bo (for BSE)
3. Click on the "Start Download" buton to download data.
Please remember that this will load only current days EoD data.
If you need to load the historical data, go to the Backfill tab, select the date range and put market suffix as .ns (for NSE data) or .bo (for BSE)

Please let me know whether this helps or not.


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