How to identify the trend of a stock

To identify the trend, its simple just look at biggest TF. If it looks fall or up, its the trend.
I also deciding the trend first while to start entering market in my favorited broker Liteforex..
If you look at any stock on a chart that is in a strong uptrend, you will find that the pullbacks are short lived. This gives you a excellent opportunity to buy the stock before it resumes the uptrend.


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Dear all,

I am new to trading. Please clarify that how to find the trend of stock..

Herewith i have attached a screenshot for your reference...
That is a the question...that most traders to buy/sell at turns...
if a stock is in down trend
I am also a half newbee...but my take...

It needs to consolidate there before it gives a real up move...else any upmove will be most probably shorted and the stock would resume downtrend..

In the present case ,,,it seem SUNPHARMA it trying to consolidate around 800-820 area....Its very good area for entry provided a good STOP LOSS is maintained..

If you see daily charts 800 is a strong whats happening is as soon as Stock is coming around that area ...its getting absorbed..and is also seen in the chart that you have posted..that red candle strength is reducing..

Overall i would say it may whipsaw between 800 and 840...and you can buy it if goes above 840 for long term...

Discussion on 5 min chart buying /Selling is a different discussion....

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