How to fix profit percentage


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If I fix 1%as my profit in day trading should it be on the price of the stock or the total money involved in that particular trade? Hon'ble Sr members may kindly advise
ROI should be calculated on the value of investment which would be the margin money which you would need to pay to do the trade. We should also add the margin money which we may need to keep aside in case there is a margin call from the broker in case the trade goes heavily against us. The ROI calculation should also consider brokerage and STT as expenses


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Thanks for the reply. But then how to decide when to take profit or book loss? Hope to receive more enlightment
book loss when your SL hit , take profit when price started turning against your position. no fix % required.
As other forum members noted, I also don’t think that there is sense to fix 1% profits in case which you have described. However, targeting some % ROI on a monthly/yearly level I find good as it will give you motivation to improve your strategy to reach your goal

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