How to extend SIP duration ?

Hi Friends

During my subscription to couple of MFs through SIP, I had opted for 5 years contribution and filled up the bank ECS form for 5 years too.
And now, I think to achieve my long term goal, I must stay invested for 10-15 years.

So how to extend my SIP contribution duration without hampering to the MFs ???

Thank you.
Is it possible to make additional purchase while the SIPs are still running?
Yes, it is possible. While making the additional purchase, quote your SIP account's Folio No as the existing folio and you will have your NAVs credited into the same account.

Happy Investing !!
Someone who is trying SIP Kotak Mutual funds is always confused how to invest in sip and what is really the best scheme. You need to check out different scheme options and see what suits your needs and requirements best. Investments need to be done with care so that they yield the best returns.
It is really easy these days to increase the systematic investment plan duration simply by filling in the form. I am surprised how your financial advisor did not guide you regarding the same. They usually tell you about the procedure for extending the duration of the plan if you consider it necessary mid-way.

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