How to convert audio book to text document/ebook?Pl. suggest


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:) if any method of converting Text files/pdf into Audio books available, kindly that also please be informed. Sharing of Audio Books related to TA are also welcome.


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for text to voice:

Text aloud mp3, this software can do the job, if you additionally install 'natural voice' along with default 'Microsoft Anna', you can get a fantastic human like voice (unlike robotic voice, which normal text to speech softwares produce)! You can save them to mp3 or wav formats too...

for voice to text:

no idea!
If you have an audio version, there must be a text version somewhere,
its lot easier to get that text version than to do speech recognition without errors!


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I do not mind some errors here or there.In that case I will use text to understand unfamiliar accent faster .At present I have to hear each paragraph 4/5 times to grasp.
There is one software which is called Dragon Naturally Speaking . Through this software you can yourself dictate and the software will type for you .

I used it myself for almost same purpose and got some results out of it but this method was quite cumbersome and time consuming.

In this software you have to train your voice into the speech recognition engine and then whenever you will speak something into the mic connected to the PC through the software it will convert those words to text .

I used to listen to the audio myself and then dictate same words to the software. This was not an easy task.

However if you wish to see the website then go to this link..


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Thanx for advice and the link.

The purpose of getting audio books is to save the time & strain of reading the text, for Dragon one will need to first read/dictate all the text material and then edit, so our purpose does not seem to get fulfilled.

Sharing of TA related Audio Books is welcome. :)

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