How to choose stocks to trade in Amibroker?

Hi friends

Here is a simple question with complex unknown answers.

How do you find stocks to trade?

First fix INSTRUMENT & chart timeframe (NSE STOCKS,daily or 30MINUTE CHART)and
Then choose list of stocks like Nifty-50 or Nifty 100(Watchlist is set)
Now choose a trading system and have it on screen.

Next comes exploration
what to search for?

MST Momentum strength trend are must.

price-NOW and
current volume with 20ma line
patterns detected if any
trendline and price relevance in htf
Trend status
strength(use RSI or RS)
momentum status(are prices near ob or os zones)
support n resistance status(Stopping energy)(is price near support or resistance)
Funds interested and buying now? how to detect

any things missed please point out



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Hi Ford

In place of your list of stocks,you use list of stocks that are present in futures list. In this way,you will have 220 items.

Please explore from these to find selected stocks.
look for stocks that refuse to fall whenever Nifty index falls by 100 points or more.
These are your priority.

Just think Index fell but some stocks did not fall much.
why so?

good luck