how to calculate pnl in auction

i traded "bpl" (equity, intraday, short trade, quantity 72, short price 35.2 rs please see screenshot attached), but it hit upper circuit and i couldn't close my position, i asked the customer care and they told me that this trade will go to auction but they were unable to explain me how profit or loss will be calculated, please help me understanding this auction process, what will happen to this trade?
It will keep try to buy until could be able to buy.

As you tell that it gone to UC. They will keep trying to buy to make delivery to lender (return back).

Nationally, loss unlimited.

Hope, they woul not be able to buy in auction.

Broker don't allow to trade intraday in illiquid stocks.

Abhi one week ago, good news came for BPL

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From above screenshot one thing also observed that all trades are loosing trades...

Review your learning from chart...

Follow larger time frame trends

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thanks for the reply, i was just testing a strategy with small account, and surprisingly it gave me approx 12% return in 30 trading sessions (from 12 july to 24 aug 21) see screenshot of ledger below

on 12july there was 9139 balance on ledger

and on 24aug21 balance was 10301 thats approx 12% return, i was not expecting this :)

To calculate Profit and Loss (PnL) in the share market, subtract the total cost of acquiring shares from the total revenue generated by selling those shares.
To calculate P&L in an auction in the share market, subtract the purchase cost from the selling price of shares, factoring in any associated fees or taxes.