How to buy / square off huge quantity of BNF/NF Put or Call options

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I'm just wondering if someone can guide on how to fast buy and square off BNF or NF PE/ CE options considering that we've exchange defined limit of 2500 and 7500 quantities of these options respectively. Any thoughts ?
For example, how to say buy 30K of BNF or NF option quantity at a prescribed limit price. My question is just to maximise the swings that generates at times.

Ps - I use NEST trader and Upstox for my trading. Thanks in advance for your feedbacks.:clapping:
Can not trade more than 300 lot AFAIK
Exchange have a limit of 7500 qty for Nifty Options( 100 lots) in one single order and for 2500 qty for BNF... was just wondering if facilities like "Bucket Order" can help. I called Upstox/ Rksv support yesterday and seems no option for that. So, thought to have views from our bigger community here.
Is Algo trading or some automated scripts is the way to achieve this ? Say price x point up or down, initiate x lot of buy PE/CE at predefined price. I'm not yet graduated to Options writing. That's probably a next stage for me hopefully in the time to come.

PS- I've some basic experience with python but that experience is around IT System administration. I'm still reading out the threads where ppl have mentioned python and figuring out why is that so.
bhai, you will find many such examples, in the forum :D
Yes, sirs, I know what I'm after and what's at stake. Seems I've some setup after bringing down my position time horizon from month to week to day(s). This transition costed me my past 5 years and some serious money but whatever I lost is being made back within a month. So, with all regards, I could say by seeing in anyone eyes that yes I know what I've asked for and what I'm after.
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If you are trading even as less as 20 lots you'd already know the answer to your original question.

The fact that you are even asking this question probably means you are a newbie in which case why do you need to worry about 500 lots? :D

If you are still curious read up on iceberg orders / execution algos.

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