How do i Use Sudarshan Chakara Gann huh NIfty


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Keep guessing How to use .... ;xD
If you know how to use this plz let me know
Nifty Shiva shivam Sudarshan chakram Gannalaya

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We look at Nifty 50 main indiex always and not at zombie Nifty Futures
Nifty futures are zombie ... only he is buyer only he is seller ... rest public is like sugar cane in a sugarcane juice extarctor ;xD
Date April 10 nifty Index was at 17,784
Date 11/04/2022

Nifty above 17890 then do noting ---

NIfty Main index is below 17890 will short futures @ whatever rate it is and will close trade if 15 min candle close touches 18025 then gets out SL HIT at market rate

Look nifty @ 9:40 am
gunning point Perfect be 17823 NIfty main index
second gunning point be 17756 Nifty main index

If not touches 18025 trade continues and trade be open ..... .... no but if why ;xD

i expect nifty 17400 in this month before 20 April to 30 april i can be wrong i am just trader like you just difference is
I know 18000 ways How not to make BIg loss

Age 20-21 is awesome young dumb and no money hahah college haha books what are they ;xD
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date 11 /04 /2022 was ok
got gunning point at start of day
endof day close position .
12/04/2022 tomorrow again

gunning point Perfect be 17823 NIfty main index
second gunning point be 17756 Nifty main index

shorts selling only at those level .

tomorrow temp intra day buying level can be 17623 if not gap down .. no shoring at this temp buy on card.
17550 level to be watched
position to be closed at end of day tho ;xD

7;00 am sgx is already below 16623

idea is to capture nifty at 17400 17500 and take home so we sit like duck now waiting
at end of day at 3;25 pm buy nifty if its at 17450 ;xD carry home
no short today . just buy sell buy sell buy then sell
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Now tomorrow on NO short at all , Now its buy sell buy sell . first buy then sell for intrading .
This point is best to buy and sit for 2-3 months and do nothing ;xD

NIfty not going below 17425 Index main only means Back to 18429 ;xD
Main index above 17623 be confirmation BULL has risen

3 months or by septemper end we will hit 18429

This thread closes thats how you analysis NIfty
its possible nifty can go to 17k first then to 18429 in that case get out at below 17359 on closing main index basic thats unlikely
In a highly uptrending market, weekly low happens on Tuesday ..todays is tuesday .. main index low of today is 17449

Vedas already had number KEy secreat ..... there is hidden table of 4 too in free time must see below video

Ripe Mango falls from trees . Mango gets dent . so that hurt pains then death .
Cucumber gets ripe it sepeartes itself from steam. So a death of cucumber is far more peaceful ;xD

Hope as beginer you will be forced to look and Think and think harder on this concepts ;xD
If you have your own and its successful do not forget to share ;xD
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from what it looks
25 April 17957 / 18024 nifty
this be last one lol no but if why ;xD

Har lakshya ko bhed ke dikhla de Arjun ki kahaani dohra
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its simple
its valid still 25 April 17957 ;xD

17700 look achievable by 25th ;xD but i expect even further beyond i.e 17957

Right now Fii are shorts todays as per todays DATA
Our babar Sher Lion bought today .. Lets see if high of today gets broken tomorrow
and first confirmation 17359 come tomorrow on next day
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Adventure was on 19th april so
April 25 may be 17360 to 17600 i see ;xD
April 29 17900 still and Miniature bear will rise on may 1 st ;xD thats what i think

ok today 21 st 04 April crossed 17361 ;xD At 3:30 it still remains above 17361 confirmation

now 29 April Hai tuje main dum 17900? or even further betond 18000 +++
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Maine, maine yahan kuchh bhi to paya nahi
Sab kuchh paa ke
Mujhko mili kya zindagi
Yaad aa raha hai tera pyar
Dates to watch in Futures Trend Change Dates Something big gone a happen ;xD so dont trade with extra care and
tradeon high and low breakage of that day candle

20 dec Dec 2021 --------------------- [0]
21 March 2022 ---------------------- [90]
20 June 2022 ---------------------- [180]
19 Sept 2022 ---------------------- [ 270]
20 April ? ---------------------- [120]
20 Aug ? --------------------- [240]
14 May ? ---------------------- [ 144]
27 july ? ---------------------- [ 216 ]

set 2

18 Oct 2021 --------------------- [0]
17 Jan 2022 --------------------- [90]
18 April 2022 --------------------- [180]
18 July 2022 --------------------- [270]

17 Feb ? --------------------- [120]
18 June ? --------------------- [240]
13 March ? --------------------- [144]
25 May ? --------------------- [216]
Set 3

May 4 2022 watch out ;xD
july 4 2022
octo 4 2022
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