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Secured personal loans have always served as a loan option for almost everyone and anyone who has been in need of a loan. An owner may request a personal loan for the purpose of vacation, home improvement, car finance, education. Even bad credit or adverse credit fails to materialize its consequences with secured personal loans. A ready to do everything for everyone does not find a better name than secured personal loans.

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Hi, I think there are many banks that are providing the home loan. The best that you have to choose is finding the bank that is near by you and providing good facilities for customers.
I know these are some of the points for security in case of taking home loan from any lender

- Take loan as much as you need : Don't go for higher amounts because lenders are approving
- Check the interest rates &understand how interest rates are charged by lender
- Check are there any hidden or extra charges on loan you are taking
- Confirm service provided by lender thorugh other borrowers
- Ask for re-payment option details & procedures
- ask for foreclosure procedures

I think these points can help one in selecting a lenders
We need home loan we are from bangalore , we need a home loan at low interest rate with min document call me if nay one can help , we need home loan 30 lakhs
Getting an affordable loan is the aim of every loan seeker. The interest rate of home loan and the amount you borrow play a major role in deciding the EMI. Always make a comparison between the different loan schemes available and choose one that provides the lowest interest rate of home loan. Bajaj Finserv Lending is one of such home loan providers who have different loan packages for different locations across India. Check out their website for more information. They do ask for minimum documents.
dear all
i had a home loan from dhfl a year before.sanction letter says its fixed for1st 12months at8.75% and then will be variable as per the dhfl roi.when i rcvd my one yr account ststement its showing me the was never fixed instead its written variable at 9% from the day of embursement (dhfl charge me same amount of emi for 1st 12months)and after 12months they increase the roi to 12.25% from 1st april 2012 (emi increased as per new roi of 12.25%) .i ask dhfl to swap my loan with other provider and they are chaging me 3%penalty on remaining balance.can some one suggest what is the solution to get rid of dhfl without paying penalty. i know as per NHBcircular none of NHB'cs are charging penalties for swap a home loan to different provider if loan is on variable rate.but dhfl is saying to me as your loan was intially on fixed rate (even though its on variable roi now) it will be condider as fixed that is why i need to pay penalty for swap over.
Many banks offers home loan on various EMI, with fixed interest rate and floating interest rate.. check their websites, some sites having EMI calculator which helps you give basic idea how you can pay installments..
hello all,

can someone suggest....which bank is best for taking home loans.

id the rate of interest same for all the banks.

i want to take a loan of 40 lakhs for buying a home

thanks in advance
All nationalized bank are good and also very polite to every person. In my opinion SBI (State Bank of India) is the best option for you …..You can also go for other nationalized bank but not the private banks…..your property paper (document) will not be secure in the private banks…..
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Mostly every banks offers home loan now a days with specific interest rate. Before applying home loan from any bank, go through their policies and terms thoroughly..
As per my personal experience axis bank is the best place to apply for home loan and also for home loan calculator.I had really a great experience with them they provides me the best services without any hassle and worry.

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