Historical F&O IEOD: NSE vs GlobalDataFeeds

Which of the two is better for high quality historical F&O IEOD data?

Here are the pros and cons of each that I'm aware of:

NSE Pros:
- data straight from the source
- data from 2003 onwards
- cheaper of the two at 15K for one year's data
- dispersed via CD/DVD so you save on bandwidth

NSE Cons:
- data only upto March 2010 or 2011(can't remember exactly)
- Requires a signed undertaking on a Rs.300 stamp paper and whatnot
- might take more time for the physical CD/DVD to get to you

GDFs Pros:
- although not as "official" as the NSE's own data, GDF also gets their data from NSE's DotEx subsidary. ie. still very high quality data.
- data up to now
- can be paid online without any legal mumbo jumbo
- data sent online as soon as payment is confirmed

GDF Cons
- More expensive at almost 17K per year's worth of data
- data only available from 1/9/2010 to now

Based on the above(and on your own personal experience) which of the two would you guys recommend? Other alternatives are also welcome.



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Any serious traders planning on buying futures data(HISTORIC IEOD) from NSE please do let me know(thru PM) as i am planning on doing the same.
I've annual subscription for Global Data feed 225 symbols.. The worst service provider... It is not cheap and their servers are mostly down when the markets are excited. I've paid for 225 symbols for complete year and stopped using there services. And their customer support is good to response immediately but will not be able to give you any solution because they lack the basic Infrastructure.. They will provide you the trial for 20 symbols..

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