this is kashyap lakkad....currently working in stock broking firm as a dealer-cum-research analyst since one year. Trading experience has been great for last one year,My area of interest basically lies in day-trading, futures & options.I basically trade in futures and options due to quick returns on amount invested. Trade on basis of calls given by our research analyst to all of our clients and also some internal judgement such as if i find some stocks cheap then i invest in it. My hobbies are reading, surfing, analysing stocks and making new contacts. The site is really great and can give moneycontrol message board a run for their money if properly managed and advertised. I would love to gain valuable experience from all our veteran members and also like to share my trading experience with you. Looking forward to all of you :
Hi Kas,

Same post as that of another poster,Meghna.......you are either one person using two id's,or you decided that another person's intro would work as well.....either way,a very warm welcome to you or you both.