High Dividend Yielding Stocks


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Hello Traderji,
I have a situation where I would like to invest in stocks every month for about 1 year. I'm ok with about Rs 3000 - Rs 4000 per month. I would like to invest in stocks that would give me good dividends. Can you please tell me what stocks are good when it comes to this?

Here is what I had in mind.

1. Infosys (But people tell me that it is ridiculously expensive currently)
2. Reliance
4. TCS
5. SBI

Maybe there are smaller companies that are reasonably priced and still give high dividends. Here is where you guys can help me. I dont want to invest in mutual funds as I can buy and sell with sharekhan quite easily which I cannot do with mutual funds. Just too addicted to the browser :)

Thank you and you help is really appreciated.


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thanks for the suggestions. Will definitly look into those. Can you please comment on the list that I had given in the first post?


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