Hi guys, noob here

I want to trade my first stock:clap:, but i don't know most things.
I've been reading some of the popular stickies on the forum which are helping me learn new things everyday !

I wanted to ask that, yesterday i installed Ami broker, but why are the stocks prices not live ?
Can't i just check the stock prices there...

Also, day before yesterday i opened my HDFC demat account !

Please let me know some pre-requisites that i should follow before buying my 1st stock ?

Thanks Guys ! :D
You need to contact the support of the Amibroker, only they can guide you in a better way as there aren't many traders online, who will be involved with them.
Like 2 years already passed by, were you able to solve the problem here really ? I have seen websites with information about live stocks constantly and their prices, but you simply need to turn them on, ask support how and they will help for sure.

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