Hi Everybody!


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Found this forum from Google, and it certainly looks good. :)
My trading experience? None at all, waiting to make my first move.
I have a few questions, they may seem silly so remember I'm a newbie.
What are the Indian stockmarket timings?
Been going thru some of the posts, what is a buy order, sell order, stop loss and a trailing stop? What is the difference between them?
How do you place these stops/orders?
Do you have to renew these stops/orders everyday or do they automatically carry over until the trade is exited?
What is the maximum percentage that a stock price can move in a day up/down and the maximum percentage that the price can move overnight?
Can you place an order after market hours?
Planning to start online trading and the posts on the various companies providing online trading have been excellent as guidelines.
Keep it up!!


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hi pasha,
thanks for your help.in my latest...i thank and hope got the books
& knowledge..you are searching..
you may enjoy my writing journeyof a trader..
understand.. money management...
risk control..
order execution
rise of u is only matter of time...

welcome pasha.......
i'm also a newbie here. i have registered with indiabulls and have checked my account there on the website. i will start intraday trading from monday, hope everything goes alright:)
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