Hey Trader -Who is standing in your way to profits in trading?


Probably you are the only one that is obstructing your path to trading profits.
check it up.
Find what wrong habits you cultivated over time and get rid of them.
Trading without stoploss?
trading micro timeframes?
using a trading system designed for one way of using,in exactly opposite ways?
Failure is more guarantee in daytrading-are you slave of daytrading?

Trying to use a trading method without really understanding how it works,when it works best and when it doesnt do good.
Here is a simple example

you ordered a cycle.
A package arrives and it has all components.
you open you try to assemble the cycle. you forgot the chain.it was missing.
now how can you ride this bike without the critical component?
samething happens in trading- bad psychology-(emotions of fear-greed-overtrading urge),no idea of money management,not having proper tools-not having a trading plan roadmap.

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