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I am an NRI residing in USA.I have a few shares,which were alloted to me
as a bonus from my previous comany based in India.I have a need to sell
these shares immediately.I have NRI repriatable demat account with
ICICI.I can't do online trading because of the ICICI's restriction for
USA based NRIs.Can someone suggest the fastest way to sell my shares?
I appreciate input.

I am in the same boat.I found that offers this service for NRI's in US.I am trying to find the background reputation of the above brokers
but not much info available.
If you find any other info or leads of any other stock brokers pls let me know :

The reason why and others cant provide the same serivce for NRI's in US is as follows:

"Yes, US NRIs can also trade online at Navia as we donot solicit business in US. The US regulatory restrict foreign brokers to solicit business in the country and hence, US NRIs cannot trade with a broker who solicit business in the country. However, they may do trading through a broker who donot solicit business, like Navia Markets Limited and hence, you may trade through us."

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