Help for Reliance Petroleum warrant & debentures

Hello friends

I need help regarding Reliance Petroleum warrant & Debentures

I had 100 TOCD(Triple Option Convertible Debentures) and 200 Tradeable warrants purchased in 1997.

Last week i wrote to RIL regarding the present status of them and I received the following reply;
( Application form for conversion of TOCD's into warrant equity shares (WES)/ Equity shares for Tradeable Warrants (TW) on extinguishment of fully paid TOCDs and or through payment by cheque/demand draft was sent to all the
registered holders of TOCD/TW as on record date 25/04/98.

The option for conversion was open from June 01, 1998 to June 29, 1998. Also, in case the holder had not received the application, he could make an application in plain paper or in the format provided in various national

Phase II application were sent to those registered holders who had not exercised during the Phase I. The II Phase was open from Aug 7, 1998 to Sept 5th, 1998.

In this regard, we wish to inform you that you have not exercised the option for issue of equity shares against the tradable warrants during the year 1998. The rights attached to the unexercised warrants to apply for equity shares
have been lapsed and the same stands cancelled and no more valid. Also note that as the offer is closed and allotment is already finalised, we cannot accede to your request.) (Please note that for every 100 fully paid debenture(s) the company has allotted 300 Warrant Equity Shares. Hence, the debentures held by you are no more valid and the same stands cancelled.)
But as per their mail, I have not received any warrant shares and i still hold the physical certificate of the same and have not excersied any thing.
Do I have still chance of redemption.
Please guide
Thank you
My father had purchased 200 share of reliance petroleum and 200 debenture 100 warrant each .for my mother and father .I want demeterialise all how to redeem warrant and debenture pls let me know .

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