Help for amibroker afl file

Dear All,
I am new to amibroker i am not aware how to create new formula in amibroker, even code also. Somewhere i find a file for amibroker formula & pasted. Can someone help me to know what is this meaning i.e. moving average time period & supertrend in details. I will be highly obliged. Thanks in advance.

_SECTION_BEGIN("My Trading System");
_SECTION_BEGIN("Trend Lines");
p1 = Param("TL 1 Periods", 13, 5, 50, 1);
p2 = Param("TL 2 Periods", 3, 3, 25, 1);
TL1 = LinearReg(C, p1);
TL2 = EMA(TL1, p2);
Col1 = IIf(TL1 > TL2, ParamColor("TL Up Colour", colorGreen), ParamColor("TL Dn Colour", colorRed));
Plot(TL1, "TriggerLine 1", Col1, styleLine|styleThick|styleNoLabel);
Plot(TL2, "TriggerLine 2", Col1, styleLine|styleThick|styleNoLabel);

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