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Re: Your suggestions please!


Welcome to this forum, where you will find many seniors willing to help, provided your question reaches them.

The forun is well structured and you may post only in the most connected thread to be able to get
good responses. You may spend some time to read the prevous posts to get the feel. You may post
your question in one of the threads maintained by the seniors in the commodities section.

All the best in the New year.

Re: Your suggestions please!

Hello rch_maha55,
Welcome to Traderji.com. You didnt mention about your position on Urad whether Long or Short. 2471 Seems to be nice price for being short rather than Long. I hope you did the wise. Leave your questions in Traderji. Hope some seniors might help you out.
Happy Tradin !

With regards,
--- Jin ---
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