Hello Everyone, Help if you can?

Hi, great to be part of this community, I am looking to source a mentor I want to have one to one tuition on trading and investing if you can help me please give me the contact details so I do not waste any more time wonder what if.


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Welcome to forum...

Sorry to disappoint you but this is a Forum and I do not think you would find anyone for direct 1:1 kind of relationship also how can you trust that "someone" if you were able to find him/her.

I am assuming that you are a new trader or may be still in a learning phase about trading/investing. So why not start with learning some of the technical analysis.

Here is a very resourceful document from one of the Moderator - Teach a man to Fish

Next you can learn more about trading here... although the site is more about Forex Trading but the technical can be applied to virtually any trading market


Another useful resource would be Stockcharts.com to learn more about chart patterns and analyze them, here


I think that is more than sufficient to get you the feel of the trading and ramp you up to the speed so that you can participate in a meaningful manner to this forum and ask your specific doubts and also share your experience while you learn it...
I agree with what Vikas said. One needs to become independent investor and be able to evaluate shares himself.

For even the most successful investors if they buy 10 shares, 6 might turn to be profitable and 4 loss making.

How they make money is that they sell loss making shares immediately to reduce the loss and hold the profit making shares to increase the profit.

If you invest in the basis of others tips, you will buy at the right time, but you will not Sell at the right time. So you will hardly make any profit.

Learn technical analysis, it is very useful. And it is simple to learn also.

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