Hello Everybody

I'm new to this forum, but i used to see this form for a long time.
I do forex trading also share trading,sometimes few selected scripts in commodites.
Bulla singh(It's my real name, no joke)
Hello I am a newbie,

New to trading. Planning to do a long term investing. I have already created a account from zerodha.

Looking forward to learn many things and at the same time will try to contribute as much from my end.

Thank you
Hey mate, just be consistent in trading and never stop learning.
Wishing you the best!
Greetings to all. I would also like to know this question, because few use it.
An intraday trade worries you less if you have proper knowledge when to enter into trade and when to exit. In these you daily make your profits and losses and not be bothered about what happened in the long way. Intraday trading needs a lot of analysis on charts. This is good for those who are fill time traders and believe in quick profits.
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