Having problems with Data Importer . unable to import data to amibroker

Hi all ,

I just got myself amibroker , so kinda new to it .
I also downloaded a sfotware called data importer , which gets data from google and eod form yahoo for free .
But it doesnt seem to be importing anything to my software . plus when i click on ;addd stocks ' there is an error which occurs .
Can any of you help me regarding it?

Thanking ,

PM me with ur team viewer id and pwd ,i will show the configuration..
its work fine for me

happy trading..:thumb:

Hey optionwriter ,

Thanks for cming forward to help . I kind found that there was a problem with my amibroker installation . Anyways fixed it .

Thanking ,

HedgeFudge .

Sorry for late reply . Been a bit busy lately

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