Gujarat ambuja export


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Gujarat ambuja Export (GAEL) is a major manufacturer and exporter of Agro based products.It is leading cotton yarn exporter from India.
The company was incorporated in aug 1991.
major products it manufactures and exports is maize starch,sorbitol solution,edible oil,soya meal,cattle feed etc.
Its competitors are Ruchi Soya Industries Limited,jayant Agro,Sawaria Agro .
it is @46 is trading at 8.7 times its Earnings.
In Q3 FY08 it has significantly improved its operating profit and net profit by52 and 66 % respectively.
In comarision to its peers it is trading at lower valuations.
Ruchi soya and jayant agro organics are trading at 11.4 and 18.76 times their earnings respectively.
PS:The company has decided 100 TPD ethanol project. As world is thinking of biofuel it is favourable move for the company.
The company is setting a wind mill project of 1.25 MW in Katchh dist. of Gujarat.

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