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test123, Josh1 !!

Many thanks for all the details and Guidance provided.

But I am still having a few issues. I am able to capture data from SHUBHA but unable to backfill data from earlier days.

Even same problem with Nest2Ami. I am able to pull in data from NEST but unable to Backfill.

Manual data I am able to Copy from Data table in Nest Plus and convert to CSV but on completion of the Extract Wizard in Amibroker, I do not see the data being uploaded in the Charts. I have tried multiple times following each and every instruction as mentioned, but same result.

What could I be doing wrong ??

Also for CSV file,any Excel will do or it works on only specific versions of MS Excel ??

Kindly guide. Looking forward to an early solution.
csv file generated by nest pulse works and i use that ...
You have to import this data while shub is On and it;s live market... only then it will work.....

for back fill there is another method i developed...
you have to save csv from nest pulse
In nest pulse right click scrip and select data table then save that as csv file first to pc and OR
OR just select scrip and press Shift+D it will pop up quotation in 1 min save that as csv file

.. look at this picture u will get idea then how to import that csv file in amibroker

If you still unable to understand i wil make a you tube video how to do it if required let me know.......
You have to import this data while shub is On and it;s live market... only then it will work.....
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How to do Back fill Easy WAY
Alright i made a very easy to use batch scrip for back filling.
this scrips makes gives intelligence to amibroker How to read the file generated via nest pulse csv .

Download above link
extract the zip file
Now run the runme.bat file

In Amibroker clik on
File --> Import ascii
select hellhound from file type menu
and now open your nest pule file generated csv file in amibroker
Simple :xD (Look red arrow in below image)
then click save all

Now first save the csv file from NEST pulse by pressing Shift+D on script seelct csv in type and save.

Now u can import that file generated by nest pulse csv file in amibroker by selecting hellhound.format (thats just name ) and it will open now csv file generated by nest pulse

Just do that step when market is Live and shub is on Or u missed any backfill data
works when market is off too :xD


File is clean here is virus total report
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For 64 bit .. u might need to open runme.bat in notepad...
delete all lines put below save and run it should do the job.
i have not tested it
taskkill /f /im broker.exe
copy hellhound.format "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\amibroker\Formats"
copy hellhound.txt "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\amibroker\Formats"
cd "Program Files (x86)"
cd amibroker
cd Formats
type import.types >> hellhound.txt
ren import.types importbackup.txt
ren hellhound.txt import.types
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