Greetings my fellow countrymen!

Well, I guess the forum gives you guidance in terms of what they would want you to share; so here goes:

1) Your trading/investing experience - 2 days (I applied to open a trade and demat account yesterday; it will still be 7-10 days before my account actually opens, but I am excited to get started after been on the sidelines watching the action for about 3-4 months)

2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets - NA

3) Your area of interest - Not sure yet, but essentially regular trading on the NSE.

4) How do you make your trading decisions - I have a mentor; plus I intent to read a lot; especially on this forum :D

5) How did you discover this forum - Through a Google search

Thank you for accepting me on this forum; it is great to see Indian people share with open hearts!
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