Global Data Feeds -- NSE CM Segment Closing on 1st Nov 2012

I have been very happy with their services. But they are closing NSE CM Segment on 1st NOv 2012.

Do we have any other feed provider at par with them. The one I could find is

But they do not provide any trial and therefore bit hesitant to subscribe them.

Any help from the members?



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Seems as if John and asethiq... are hand in glove!!!! :D
What a subtle way to promote a Data product!!
asethiq... please refrain from posting commercially obvious messages...the same are not allowed unless you are an advertiser here!!!
There is noting about promoting a product in my message. I just wanted an opinion about equalsolutions from the board members. If that seems as a promotion, better I should switch to some other forum.

Also, without complete information and confirmations one should refrain from making such comments (rh6996).

My only purpose of posting on this board was to get the knowledge of any better data provider at par with globaldatafeeds



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Dear RH6996,

With due respect to you as a senior, here is just a piece of advice on behalf of all new users of traderji. If someone is promoting their product on traderji bcoz they are not aware of the rules, then warn them at least once and give them chance to rectify their mistakes instead of complaining against them and getting them banned.

I guess the very purpose of this site is that we all come together and help each other and other fellow members in trading domain with best of our efforts and services.

Now, I hope you won't have any problem if I take care of any query, for our product as now we are an official advertiser on trader ji.

So kindly stop referring to my name in bad light

Anubhav Sethi
QuantX Technology Pvt. Ltd.
My sincere apologies! I never meant to get you banned. I had also drawn your attention telling you it was not allowed. Sorry! :eek:

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