Get-Together (Trader meet)-Mumbai


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Hi ,


all respected traderji member. we are here so many days . we visit here regularly . i think so many people have second home is traderji . including me . i am silent reader and visit regularly. there is lots of people here like me .

i think why not we meet personally,face-to face. Like our family function once in year.
that is not exact trader meet , i say its GET-Together, we will enjoy ...have some fun..some chit-chat ...masti ...etc. like we do in our family . we meet new people .

above is my thought and its not final , cause of here lots of people and every have different thought . let share your thought and we will include it . let participate and start it ....please

we include in meet some market discussion, include some general life discussion ,some motivational , arrange some game , arrange some lectures of senior people..etc .

Here lot of senior member above 50+ ,they will share there experience about life ,about market etc.

here people come from different community ,different area,different cast ,different culture ..and thats great ...everybody here like family ..we will mix and learn from each other culture and enjoy it . lets think about it .......:clap:

i know , i am not convince you properly. :( my english is not good .
i think you understand what is main motto of this thread to GET-Together . Trader meet -Mumbai .

please participate it , its request to all member.
i expect at least 5-8 traderji member to this get-together .

to request all member please participate and suggest in it ...which topic we include in this meet ...and we will convince people to that meeting .

thank you .


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Yes it very good idea..
but where to meet ?
We to have keep in mind that it meet to discussion

Be have to be sure there is no kind of advertising or getting client thing going on.


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We can meet at any major mall.
Which has food court....
Weekend idea looks good..

Tentative List for member are has following
Snake.Head [Me of course]
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Hi Vishal,

Saw this post today, would appreciate if you could include me
in your group, like the idea of meeting in person,
and to meet at food court initially is nice.



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Ok i have add Steve to list...
Food court is best and we sit for long time too no one will bug us...
I would like other memeber to discuss where to meet
Which mall?
Hope this coming Sunday 27th is ok with all of you.
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Just read this post. Would be nice to meet and catch up with tj members.
would suggest if the no of members attending are less than coffee shop will do, else we can book a conference hall kind of place in suburbs. Food courts are crowded imo.

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