GEOWAVE-Advanced Elliot Wave Analysis


Is price movement in the stock market the result of unpredictable and random news and events? No, it isnt, and we can prove it. Price follows a determined and predictable path based on changes in social mood. This path is predicted by objectively applying GeoWave Analysis to the stock market. Thats what we do here at Geowave, using the model to forecast the near, mid, and long-term direction of the major markets; and it works.With Geowave we have time and again made miraculous market forecasts which has helped traders in increasing their bottomline exponentially.

Geowave is the scientific enhancement of orthodox Elliott Wave theory with the help of mathematical models and modern techniques.As a result we have successfully eliminated the biggest drawback of Elliott wave theory and i.e. the element of Subjectivity.The Geowave Model also considers the factor of chaos which has never been incorporated in any trading system of the world.These are some of the features that differentiates Geowave from any other tool available in the financial world.We at Geowave have now started our services in India after successfully guiding over 400 traders in the United States.

In Indian markets our focus lies on the Nifty Index which has seen quite a meltdown from January 2008 and is now trading in a range but the question which lingers in the mind of every trader is that will this range breakout in the near future or not !!!,apart from this a big question which haunts not only traders but also investors is that what will be the direction of breakout if it does break the range.We at Geowave boast of forecasting not only the market direction in near future but also over medium to long term on the basis of our superior technolgy and reliable indicators such as the 'M' wave factor.These are the techniques which one will never learn or hear in ordinary technical analysis and as a result the consequence is but obvious.Poor Techniques lead to poor Results thereby decreasing the bottomline in a substantial way.So Stop wasting time and money chasing the markets. Whether you are a positional nifty trader, part-time investor, money manager, or institution, GeoWave will add significant value where it matters your bottom line. Come Join the Geowave Family.


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