Gannalyst Lite

any one can tell me how to import data in Gannalyst Lite 3.0
I try to import data but it gives me date error.
I try to import nse data
Dear Sirs,

U have not sufficiently elaborated Ur problems.

Be that as it may, there appears to be problem with ur data base. Gannalyst can work on Metastock data as also on ASCII (text).U have 2 convertthe ascii into gannalyst databse and if u have metastock , the Metastock format is universally acceptable to all charting softwares. Actully all these things are given in the help files, which I find, many people do not read ( after all it is the world of everything instant !)

Click(open) file or the red and green icon on the second toolbar on the left top corner...
Clik on new - Gannalyst datafile Manager will appear...
On the left box click on the drive\directory\folder where U have kept Ur data (Metastock format or Gannalyst format..remember csv or ASCII will have to converted int Gannalyst for which read converter help)...
On the right hand side click on the security and lo.Ur chart will appear....
It is so simple..provided Ur data base is in a recognisable format...
Alternativly, click on "Craete New Chart" on the interactive box which appears as soon as U open Ur Gannalist.
By the way, this software can only be fruitfully utilised by U if U are an advanced expert inf technical analysis and understand the techniques of WD Gann, the most complex system or system of systems in technical analysis. That is contained to some extent in Gannalyst pro. This soft ware at best give U swings but only after it has already occured. So I do not know, how and 2what end would U use this lolypop.
All the best ...Cheers .and Regards...

I am having an issue with reading data in CSV.The time is showing as a it is not a valid floating point value while reading from CSV in GANNALYST.

Can you see the attach and help me out?



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