Games about how to trade options


Investing isnt a game, but theres no better way to learn how to use online investing tools. Dont go into these games with the intention of winning.

I will provide here a few links to free online games, which are useful to learn how to trade options and shares. I can remember, that I was reading here in this forum in a thread, that somebody asked about such games. Always had it in my mind and this is what I found.

The best way to approach these sites is with the goal of learning more about the tools and your research abilities.

1.Fantasy stock market:
Since 1998, Fantasy Stock Market has provided a fun, interactive and competitive way to learn about investing and the stock markets to over 1/2 Million individuals and 10,000 Leagues. You can play individually or in a classroom league, where groups ranging from 2 to 100+ can compete directly against each other with their own $100,000 Fantasy League account.

2. Hollywood Stock Exchange:
A rather strange game, but trading nonetheless. Join for free, earn two million "Hollywood Dollars," and then buy shares of your favorite actors and their new movies. Watch their values rise or fall based on their success. Prices soar with a blockbuster opening at the box office and plummet with a bomb no one went to see. You can trade in your H$ for merchandise.

3. Marketocracy:
Manage a virtual portfolio with $1M, with the chance to become a paid member of the "m100." Free membership with the chance to upgrade to a premium membership that includes enhanced portfolio tracking tools.

4. Smart Stocks: was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing a realistic stock market simulation game to teach people about the stock market without the risk of losing money. started with a few hundred users and has continued to grow to over 200,000 teachers, students, and individual investors around the world.

5. StocksQuest:
Fill out the online registration form for free and log in to your account starting with $100,000 in your fantasy portfolio. You can play this stock game as an individual or in a group.

6. The Great Game:
The Great Game is an on-line educational fantasy stock trading game where you can experience investing in shares on the UK stock market without any risk or costs or any fear of losing your shirt if you do get it wrong

7. Virtual Stock Exchange:
Virtual Stock Exchange is a free online trading game from MarketWatch. Create public or private games with a cash balance you set, choose from thousands of games, and leverage powerful news and research resources from MarketWatch class.

I wish, that you have fun and at the same time you also learn about option trading, and that is the reason why I place these thread here in this section of the forum.

Take care


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