Gail - non-receipt of dividend

We recd. an ECS intimation No. 192811 from GAIL during Feb 09 stating Rs.300/- has been remitted to our a/c. with ICICI towards interim div. on our 75 shares, held vide DP Client ID 1202990004240227. On checking up, it was found that the amt. has not credited. Accordingly, we took up the issue with ICICI, India Bulls, GAIL and registrars, MCS. While, ICICI and India Bulls clarified the status immediately on receipt of complaint, not a single reply, excepting auto-response received from MCS, inspite of my IV reminders. An evasive reply received from GAIL investor queries stating " the amt has been credited thr: ECS". No details of credit has been given. The reply was inspite of our clarification that the ECS, said to have been sent for credit has not been credited in our account. I had reminded both Gail and MCS IV times, and there is no hope that they would ever bother. Hence, instead of wasting time further, I propose to take up the issue with NSE. I hope, we can look for NSE's assistance. Unfortunately, there seems no law to penalise the defaulting company or its registrars for non-compliance.
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