future of gold

:cool: hi friends,
again bullionbears came to give valuable tips to you. yes this time alsothe soame gold we take into consideration as we mentioned earlier it should come down after touching a psychological high of 575$ it came down. we thand for the traders who tood a position and made a good progit now join with us another profit taking tip is ready for the investors .

golr the king of the bullion came 20$ down with in a day and now consolidating for the low so invcestors bewre dont go long now this is the time u have to go a short at $565 or $560 and cover it in the $540 because good support is seen at $535.if it breaks the 535 then further u can go short unless it hits u should wait and watch the market .:cool:
Hi Bullion

your strategy (shorting) may work for short term speculators , but even then with a high risk.

Did u not read today's papers which quoted an analyst's estimate that a single act of international terrorism can push gold price up by a massive $100 ( am I right) per ounce

Shorts beware : what we saw today was IMHO a mere 'minor' correction which may not last more than a week, or at worst a 'secondary' correction which may last a month or two . The 'primary' bull market trend remains intact, in the absence of a discernible reversal pattern.

AGILENT :cool: :cool:
IMHO....there is merit in both the postings above with respect to Gold. From a fundamental point of view Gold is bullish in the medium term, but not without a proper technical correction and consolidation which is due after its recent run up. So my vote is for an immediate correction and thereafter a run up again..Lets see..Time alone can tell :)

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