Frustrated with your Broker : Looking for the Best broker out there !!

Hi ppl and traderji!!
I am a moderate user of this forum and a medium type trader. I opened my account with Indiabulls and was happy with it Then suddenly my friend told me about this amazing offer of Angel broking (They do not pay so much in the marketing so you may not have heard about them)

They are mainly based in the south and opening their centre in Kolkata. They offer the best brokerage in the industry (only for people with 1lac or more of account balance).Also give you a free ICICI savings account with zero balance.
They are gods in the F&O category. If you are looking for the best deal out here, I wuld suggest you to call my friend

@ 0-9333745534.

Dear ,
I am not doing marketting and no way associated with them. I just got hold of the offer and wanted to let you know about them. I do not have any active interest in it( just want people of traderji to know about this)


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Before directly opening acct, I would suggest take advice from seniors and also read what bad points people have said in this forum of any broker..Then only u shld take decision ..
and decide upon any broker..

ratan jain

I actually heard that angel broking was in some sort of problem due to margins?

Their clients were not able to do any trades.......

Is this isolated to mumbai or in other branches too?


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Hi RJ..For whole 1 week( during the carnage) people cannot trade in Angle because of margin calls... But then the question is this was only with them... and answer is NO....... till this date i never cme across any complaint about Angle Broker.....But 1 I know..... My friend i having account with them..... till this time he never find any problem with them except 1..... online transfer of funds..... If u have no issues with issueing and accepting checks then go for it...... And Also if u are trader then Angle will server every purpose...

Happy Trading

Dear sir,

I am trading in Cash and F&O thru a Broker of NSE, with huge volumes. I want to take the sub broker of any of the members. Now, My broker charged me Rs.400 / crore. I am at Trichy

I want to know, is it profitable to be become sub broker? If yes, how much charges per crore. What are the tranaction charges for the member of NSE?

Another option is become a memeber of MADRAS STOCK EXCHANGE and trading at NSE platform. Is is advisable? How much chages incurred at MSE apart from Deposit.

Seniors pls advise m

b. s. kumar
[email protected]

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