Fresher to Trading World here.. Hello Tradeji old members and everyone!!

Hello to everybody..

I've been thinking from the past few weeks into entering in the world of stocks and trades.. Now I've fully made up my mind.

For the trading platform, I'm learning AmiBroker 5.30, given by my friend, who's also a part time investor (and the one who guides me) though I want to learn more and more. He told me to purchase NimbledataPlus Lite from Globaldatafeed for the real time data which is to be used in Amibroker.

Already said, I'm just a fresher. The data I purchased, it will be functional from Monday, the 16th of December, 2013. I hadn't had even a single day's experience in dealing with stocks and trading the Intraday, My friends says of doing the intraday, so I'm learning about this for now.

Thirdly, I'm just a fresher, and while Google's been my forever close ally, I've now registered in here as well. Hello to all the trading experts, my seniors, and everyone who's out there, reading this post. :)

And like everyone else, I'm here to share and care while having a little bit fun of-course. I genuinely expect you people to help me through, also genuinely promises of helping the other people if I get my hands on something worthy of being shared.

As far as my strategy is concerned, my friend said of trading in intraday. and as Nimbledataplus Lite offers only FNO quotes, I'll be doing intraday on that only (for the start)..
He said of using the Time-frame = 1minute.
He said of paying more attention to MCAD and ADX indicators (which I'm still confused, what they genuinely mean?)

That's all for the start.

Suggestions are truly welcome and as well the blessings.

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