Free Back-testing : Is it available anywhere for NSE F&O ?

Dear All,

I'm not even 1% knowledgeable than most of you hence whenever something comes to mind it is difficult to validate.

Many of you are back-testing your strategy on some high cost softwares, however I know live charts are mostly paid and EOD are mostly FREE, I'm ok with even EOD type but want a resource where I can do back-testing by putting in conditions using some indicators on NSE F&O.

e.g. At the first day of new series sell call and put of same strike(nearest of trend of 3Month nifty) since premium would be high we will eat that up but if market goes heavily one way it would be loss making, want to know how many times this holds good but no where could find a free tool for that.

If you know and can suggest me it would be of great help.

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