Forward testing of NF and BNF trades - Trading Dairy


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As i am trading only with MCX for past few years, same system i am trying to implement in NSE too...i didn't backtested it for NSE..but going for forward testing here in this thread as trading diary..

its kind of demo trading........

Will do it for next 2 months to see results......

System is based on combination of Super trend of 1 H and 15 min, and pivots points ( CAM and Floor pivots).


What a drag!!!
All the best, Trade without stress which we have learnt in lasting testing...
Looking forward, Watch Tread = Enabled :)
Cheers and Happy trading


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Though its purely intraday trade, i dont expect more than 10 trades in a month..very conservative trades..

Maximum 1 trade per NF and BNF, ..

Wont look at charts full day along ......will see at 9.30 AM to decide any possible trades or not..if no trade possible again will look at 12.3o maximum will spend about 10 mintues in Bracket order (BO) will take care if any trade was there..


What a drag!!!
if time premits, Explain the logic and it will help to follow the trades


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First trade...

BNF ..buying above L1 ( 25808 plus 3 points filter) for the target of R1 (26420) ..SL would be below L2 - 10 points as filter).. ( entry will be cancelled if L3 touched before our entry)...

NF ..No trade today...15 Min and 1 Hr super trend is not in alignment.


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No change in rules for forward testing ..but added comment in remarks section that NF and BNF ,both not in same trend ...will change rules if this is repeating one..

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