Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and I am amazed at the generosity and help extended by different traders/investors in the forum. The reason for me to step into this is the independence it offers and also the endless possibilities.
I am thinking about stepping into intraday trading. But I have a few queries in mind.

I know that its possible that the skill sets for the two types might be different, but broadly which is the kind of trading that is good as a full time activity and a livelihood in terms of remuneration - Forex or Stock trading.

Which one of these is best for a starter like me?

Also, I heard that forex trading with INR is not permissible. Then how can it be done from india and are there any taxation issues? Anyone into forex can help.

I hope to do both of these online and so it would be really nice if one can suggest a fast (I think that is important for intra) online platform for these.


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