Few basic questions on stock trading

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I'm NRI, i hold an account from SBI. I'm very new to stock trading.

What is Demat? Do i need a demat account to start stock trading as an NRI.
How do i open a demat account.

Is there anything like managed stock trading, can someone trade on my behalf my in return on an agreed profit sharing. If yes which managed trader is reliable. hw much minimum is required to start trading with, im looking for someone who's good in intra day trading

What is secondary share broker, is it safe to trust?

How do i get my funds/returns deposited in to my account.

Is it a big risk while playing through share brokers.

Ur valuable replies plz. Thanks & regards.
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Demat is nothing but holding your shares in electronic form (rather than holding in physical form). yes you need a demat account to trade in shares.

If you are not able to trade actively there are Many Portfolio Managment Services offered by many financial companies. I guess this is what you are looking for, when you said managed stock trading.

a share broker is the one who communicates your orders to the exchange.

Upon sale the funds will get credited to your account with you broker/ bank account, depending on your agreement with the broker.

All transactions of retail investors with a stock exchange necessarily happen through a broker. So it is safe.

Hope this helps

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