Factors affecting base metals


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Some of the factors that affect the Base Metal prices in MCX:

Fundamental Factors:

Demand & Supply - Producers & End-user (Industrial, Engineering, Electrical, Construction etc.)

Economic factor Slowdown/ Recession

Geographical / Political factor [/COLOR] Flood, Earthquake, Labour Strikes, Govt. Policies, etc.

Trading Factors:

Exchange rates - $/Rs.

Market news (affecting the prices for short term)

Economic calendars It inform finance professionals and traders about scheduled major economic indicator releases (like Construction Spending, consumer price index, PMI, Jobless Claims), government reports and speeches of influential persons of the financial world.

These are the factor which is known to me as of now. There will be more factors which must be known to the senior & experience traders here and hope they will also share their views here soon.



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